Questions and Answers

Q: What is Tangerine Talent and what do you do?
A: Tangerine Talent is a Commercial and Theatrical Specialized Agency, representing talent for print, commercial, and theatrical based work.

Q: Whats the difference between Agency and a Management company?
A: As an agency we are governed by the rules and laws from the State of California. We believe managers play a useful role in a talent's career and recommend that talent seek a talented manager.
That being said, some managers might be harmful, because they do not have to review their contracts with the state, may charge fees, and take any commission percentage governed in their contract.
You will NEVER have to pay an upfront fee with any legitimate talent agent

Q: Where are you located?
A: 5250 Lankershim Blvd. Suite 500 North Hollywood, CA 91601-3187

Q: Can I talk to a real person if I have questions?
A: You can call and speak with us. Our main office number is 310-494-6124.

Q. How do I submit myself to be considered for representation by Tangerine Talent?
A: See our submission section: Tangerine Talent Submission Section
We will contact you if we are interested in representing you.

Q. What do you look for in new talent?
We are open to all types of talent.
We ideally want to have talent with something specific and unique and material that showcases that.
We tend to do extremely well with ethnic talent and talent with a specialization in a perticular skill.
Feel free to submit.

Q. If Tangerine Talent does not meet/sign with me, are their opportunities in the future?
You can always resubmit as you improve. People are amazing and we believe that everyone has the potential to be talent. Sometimes talent doesn't have everything we need from them, when they submit.

A: Depending on what type of work you are looking to get. Theatrically and Commercially the requirements are different.
- We need talent to have headshots that look like them.
- We need talent to have training and the ability to book the room from getting the audition.
- We are looking to sign those who are exceptionally talent with a skill
- We are looking to sign talented actors, with training and a quality demo reel.
- We are looking to sign models that fit the standard measurement requirements.
- Most importantly we are looking for talent that is dedicated and constantly self-improving.

Q. How many clients do you have?
A. There are a total of four agents that represent all different types of talent. On average it is about 40 each theatrically and 70 each commercially

Q. How many audition can I expect to get with you?
A. It depends on many factors; Mostly how crowded your type is and if we have the material we need to pitch.

Q. Besides submissions, what kind of services does Tangerine Talent offer?
A. We enjoy and have the ability to develop our talent to reach their potential.
- We can cut, edit demo reels.
- We provide a affordable list of photographers for all price ranges.
- We can edit photos to look more presentable and natural, especially if current edits are overdone.
- We can provide a recommendation for Managers in either print, commercial, or theatrical, for additional representation.
- We can recommend services from talented directors and writers that will create a demo reel based around the client.

Q. If Tangerine Talent does choose to represent me what do I need to do?
A. It depends on which type of representation you are looking for and where you are at in your career. When you meet with us we will explain the process in more detail.

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